MINISO AU Travel Series Black Penguin Airplane Plush Toy 30cm

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Item code 2011859811103
Barcode 2011859811103

Product Detail

Product Size: 30cm x 17cm x 22cm

Product Feature:
The travel series black penguin airplane plush toy has an adorable expression brings a lifetime of companionship. The toy featuring cute model makes it much lovely and charming. It is made from premium material, the stuffed animal is ultra soft and velvet feeling. It is a perfect gift for birthday party, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and other special occasions and festivals.

1. 100% polyester.
2. As a plush toy to accompany your child to play together, children of all ages will love this plush toy for play as a cute pillow for reading, watching television, studying, and sleepy nap time.
3. With comfortable unique design, it is a perfect partner for nap.

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