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Welcome to support Services. In order to serve you better, MINISO have assembled the most frequently asked questions from customers and our answers. If you have further questions, please contact us through [email protected].


Is it possible to return or exchange an item at any store?
Yes, You may return goods to any Miniso store across Australia.
1、If you are returning more than 10 items at the same time, please return them to the MINISO store where they were purchased.
2、If the original purchase was a discounted item, refund or exchange would only be offered if the item is faulty and only the discounted price will be refunded.

Shopping Queries

We have equipped every store with price checker. If you have any question about the price of the product or want to get more information about it, you are welcome to use the price checker.
  • Step 1: Choose the product you want to check
  • Step 2: Place the product barcode on the scanner
  • Step 3: Read the information show on the screen
The best distance to scan the barcode is 10cm between the barcode to the scanner.
We are sorry that the MINISO online shop is still under construction. Please visit to find your nearest local MINISO store for shopping.
We're happy to know you're interested in our product. If you buy in big quantities, we sure can offer a better price for you. You can send your order details to our email: [email protected].

Job Queries

Please send your profile to our email: [email protected] and we will inform you once there is any job vacancy available.
You will receive an automated email once your application has been received in our recruitment inbox. Generally, an application process may take 2-4weeks, depending on the volume of applications. If you are successful to the next stage, you will be contacted for the interview.

Other Queries

Please submit your enquiry to our email: [email protected]. Our marketing department will contact you in 24 hours.
The online shop of MINISO is still under construction.
You can check the storage of the item as well as which stores have your item by the button of "BUY IN THE LOCAL STORE" in item description. you can learn more information about how to use the the storage check by the below link:
MINISO Australia Please align a barcode within the frame to scan.
Searching for barcode
Cannot read the barcode correctly?