Shipping from will take average 12 days to finish delivery. You can check the status of package by logging into your account, no matter standard or expedited service.

Right now items only can be shipped to Australia. Items could be shipped to more countries  in the near future.  

Items can be delivered by various carriers. It is however not possible to choose the carrier. Status of package will change once delivery is finished. If you have not received the item yet it shows delivery is finished, please contact us through [email protected].

Shipping cost rules
Weight level  Shipping fee(AUD)
0g-500g 10
500g-1000g 14
1000g-1500g 18
1500g-2000g 22
2000g-2500g 26
2500g-3000g 29
3000g-3500g 33
3500g-4000g 37
Out of weight level , shipping fee will match the closest rule above if this field is empty
Every 100g 1.99

For any problems that might be caused in shipping, please  contact us though [email protected].


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