MINISO AU Sitting Piglet Plushies with Rabbit Hoodie Stuffed Animal 27cm for Christmas Gifts

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Barcode 2006913811106
Specification · Size: 23cm x 20cm x 27cm

Product Detail

Product Size: 23cm x 20cm x 27cm

Product Feature:
The piglet in rabbit hoodie plush toy is filled with very full PP cotton which makes this plush pillow look like a chubby body has good resilience, so that you will feel very soft when hugging. You can also decor your home with this fur pig stuffed animal, which can be placed anywhere you want, such as on the bed, on the sofa, in the car, on the chair, in the children's room, and so on. It is a perfect gift for birthday party, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and other special occasions and festivals.

1. 100% polyester.
2. It can stand up to lots of hugs, cuddles and adventures.
3. Everyone will love this miniso piglet plush for play and as a cute sitting pillow for reading, watching television, study, and sleepy nap time.

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