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Reading Lamp Model: HSD9027C (White)

Reading Lamp Model: HSD9027C (White)

1.One key control. 2.One stepless key 3.Low carbon, eco-friendly and radiationless LED 4. No strobe, no dazzle light 5.Low-energy, energy-efficient and longevous. 6. Built-in lithi
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ABS Plastic

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1.On-off switch: put the lamp flatwise on the table and switch to “ON” ,then power-on. At this time, touch the “”icon in the front of the lamp, short touch to turn the lamp on and short touch again to turn the lamp off. 2.Brightness adjusting : when

1. You have to use the equal adapter with USB port when you want to replace the AC Adapter. 2.When the LED lights, it can not keep close to the eyes for avoiding hurting the eyes. 4.When in strong electromagnetic interference, the power
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