Ceramic Earphone (Mint Green)

Ceramic Earphone (Mint Green)

1.Simple design, elegant ceramics earphone. 2.Special in-ear earphone, powerful bass and excellent sound isolation 3.High purity and anaerobic OFC flat wire can assure the sound quality. 4. Fashionable wire control design , 1.2 M wire length, which can meet your individual requires. 5.Comfortable silica gel earplug can prevent leaking sound.
SKU 13128
Item code 0500005781
Barcode 4505215057819
Ingredients Metal, Ceramics , TPE
Specification 1*6*20
AU$ 9.99

Adjust the volume to a comfortable level and wear it

1.You need to match the product DC plug to relevant audiovisual and mobile devices etc 2 .It is forbidden to pull the wire rod. 3.Wear the earphone properly , and don’t reverse the L and R side. 4.Should not wear the product for a long time at high volume, so as not to affect the hearing

5. Please keep it away from high temperature and high humidity.

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