MINISO’s goal over the next 3-5 years is to grow to 100 stores across Australia & New Zealand. As the Master Franchisee, we just celebrated our 6th year, with 33 stores across Australia & New Zealand, we now need your help to expand. Just like all the other 5,000 stores in 100 countries, we want to be bigger, more recognised and more popular, as they are in their own countries.


Think of everyone you know looking for new business investment opportunities (most returns are 15-20%), and who you think has the passion, drive & finances (roughly $400,000) to open a new MINISO store. Encourage those people to visit or give our Business Development manager a call on 0412 020 121,  to register their interest, and we can do the rest of the work.

Ohhh, make sure you send me an email to [email protected] to let me know who you are and who you are referring, so you can get the reward.

Alternatively ask them to contact us directly quoting your name as their referee. Once the referred person becomes a Franchisee by opening a brand new store, you become eligible for the REFERRAL FEE :  $8,000

We are so very excited to see you help us, help you! What have you got to lose? Sense not dollars $$$

* The following Terms & Conditions apply to the MINIO Referral Program

1. Referral fee will be paid within thirty (30) days of settlement of the new franchise store opening

2. The referral fee will be subject to GST and may be taxable. Any tax payable will be your responsibility

3. If the referred candidate, has previously enquired about a MINISO franchise, no incentive will be paid

4. A referral is valid for 12 months. From the time a referral is communicated to MINISO to the time the Franchisee has their store open day.  

5. MINISO will only accept referrals where permission has been obtained from the candidates being referred and not just forwarded through to MINISO without the prospect’s knowledge

6. Where more than one person introduces the same prospect, the referral fee will be paid to the referral source first identified to MINISO.

7. Referring parties have no authority to offer or sell a franchise or make any representations regarding a franchise on behalf of MINISO

8. A referral fee for a new franchisee can only be paid once regardless of the number of new stores purchased by the new franchisee in the future or if they leave and come back to MINISO at a later date

9. A referral fee is not payable in any case where the referring party, has or intends to take up, a financial interest/benefit in the store to be acquired by the referred party involving the new franchisee, directly or indirectly, in any part and under any structure e.g. wife referring her husband, parent referring a child, business partner referring their business partner.

10. MINISO reserves the right to amend / change the terms and conditions of the MINISO Referral Program without written notice. The MINISO Referral Program is valid until further notice and may be withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of MINISO.