Valentine’s day is all about showing love and becoming joyful. And during this day of 2019, we have welcomed ourNEW We Bare Bears Edition, which could be the perfect valentine for all WBB fans.

This time we have two special WBB editions, and both of them are cuter than the normal type and extremely welcomed among young generations:


→WBB new year edition      →WBB valentine’s day edition



Now you got one perfect gift for your valentine, what about chocolate?

During Feb 7 to Mar 31, all our popular Japanese Ghana chocolate are on sales, which would be a perfect gift for valentine’s day. You can buy any of them for just $1


Famous Japanese Ghana chocolate for just $1.
You can buy as many as you can, and you cannot find it anywhere else! Let’s enjoy your valentine’s day with MINISO, and make this Valentine’s day memorable!


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