MINISO pursuits the concept of living with quality lifestyle and its mission goal is to provide customers with high quality products, competitive price and creativity.


MINISO actively explores the international market. In less than three years time, MINISO has opened over 1000 stores worldwide. MINISO will soon open 300 more stores in Australia. And it is excited to announce that our special delivery cars will soon be introduced in Australia.


MINISO Australia special delivery cars are painted in red with the logo of MINISO on its front.


The cars are decorated with the MINISO posters on the car side.


By easily scanning QR code that is painted at the back of the car, customer can enter   the MINISO Australia official website for product and stock checker. Alternatively, simple look up the MINISOAUSTRALIA on Facebook, Instagram or other SNS, you can get more details of  new arrivals in MINISO Australia, and interact with MINISO Australia online.


As MINISO opens more stores in Australia, MINISO delivery car will be more common in the street. We look forward to serving customers with our extensive service.