We Bare Bears - Ice Bear Power Bank 6000mAh JP-WP10(White)

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Item code 0500019842
Barcode 0500019842
Specification 2.3*6.3*9.6CM/183G
Rubber oil craft to make it smooth. Double charging ports to guarantee high-efficiency charging. It is allowed to carry it on the airport.

Product Detail


Recharge the cellphone: 1.Connect the USB port of charging cable with the output port of power bank.2.Connect the other port of charging cable with cellphone.3. Switch on the power bank and start charging.4.Please remove the charging cable after being fully charged.
Recharge the power bank: 1.Connect the MICRO USB port of power cord with the input port of power bank.2.Connect the USB end with computer or 5V/1A USB power adapter.3.The indicator light will flash when charging and it won’t stop flashing until it is fully charged.

1.Please charge it once every 3 months when not in use for a long time.2.Please unplug it when the indicator keeps on to avoid damage caused by long-time charging.3.Please use it in an environment where the temperature is 0-45℃ and the relative humidity is 20-70%Rh. Keep away from moisture, high temperature and fire.4.Please store it in a dry place. Keep away from moisture and corrosive material.5.Do not use chemicals, like soap or detergent, to wash it.6.It is forbidden to disassemble, knock it or put it in water or fire.7.Please discontinue use if the battery becomes larger or battery leakage/unpleasant smell occurs.

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