We Bare Bears - In-Ear Headphones With Microphone (Pink)

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Item code 0500019801
Barcode 0500019801
Silicone, ABS
Specification 1200cm / 14.5g
1.Pure sound with excellent balance. Rich tones and great bass range.
2.Attractive design with lovely cartoon image.
3.The internal conductor is made of superfine high-purity oxygen-free copper to provide good sound quality.
4. The wire is covered with high-elasticity and halogen-free TPE material to prolong its service life.
5.Parameter: Rated power is 5mW. Maximum power is 20mW. Frequency response is 20-20KHZ.
6.Suitable temperature range: -20℃~50℃.
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Answering button: press once to answer an incoming call. At the end of the call, press once to hang up. When listening to music, press once to pause, press twice for the next song and press three times to go back to the previous song.

1.Please do not use it for a long time to avoid hearing impairment; 2.Do not use it while driving.

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