Korea Style Scent Diffuser with Tassels[Ocean](Blue)

Korea Style Scent Diffuser with Tassels[Ocean](Blue)

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Barcode 4510483146813
Material: Rattan Ball, Fiber Stick, Nylon Tassels, Glass Bottle; Ingredients: 9% Ethyl Alcohol, 11% Essential Oil, 15% Stabilizer, 15% Deionized Water, 25% Fragrance Stabilizer, 25% Solvent
Specification Size: 10*6.2*22.7cm/Volume: 100ml
AU$ 7.99

1.Open the glass bottle and take out the stopper.
2.Insert the fiber sticks into the glass bottle. You can place them as you like.
3.Put it in a flat place horizontally and the fiber sticks will emit the fragrance.
4.The scent diffuser can only emit fragrance by fiber sticks.
5.3-4 fiber sticks are suitable enough to emit fragrance. You can add or reduce the number of fiber sticks based on your need.
6.You can inverse fiber sticks or insert more to add the fragrance. (The more fiber sticks, the faster it runs out.)
※ The scent will last about 50 days in closed environment and about 35 days in an open environment.

1. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes, if contact occurs, the skin may develop irritation or rash, please rinse with plenty of water or seek medical attention immediately;
2. Do not let the essential oils come into contact with wooden furniture or home furnishings;
3. For best results, please keep the product sealed in a dark area before using;
4. Keep away from heat and fire;
5. Do not eat and keep away from children and pets;
6. Not for children under the age of three, this product contains small parts, please use under the supervision of adults;
7. Toxic to the aquatic environment with long-term impact. Collect spillage and dispose of contents / containers according to local regulations;
8. Contaminated work clothes should not be brought out of the workplace. Take off the contaminated clothing and clean before re-use;
9. When conducting research, wear protective gloves, protective clothing and eye protection to protect against powder / smoke / gas / mist / steam / spray;
10. Special treatment (see above).

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