MINISO AU Sitting Penguin Plush with Pink Cap 33cm Stuffed Animal for Gift

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Barcode 2007801910109
· Realistic looking, exquisite detail
· Super soft, huggable plush for all ages
· Festive decoration plush or warm gift
· Size: 33cm/13inches

Product Detail

Porduct Size: 33cm in height.

Product Feature:
The sitting penguin plush toy features adorable facial expression makingit much realistic-looking and lovely. Just surprise your friends with this adorable, unique and soft plush toy pillow. It is a good choice to use it in the office chair for a nap. An ultra soft hugging bed pillow or waist pillow for bedroom, family, office, home, nursery beds, kids' room, car, and every place you like. It is a perfect gift for birthday party, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and other special occasions and festivals.

1. Soft, cushioned, and fluffy Penguin Toy.
2. Squeezable - The plush toy is easy to be squeezed by toddlers and be returned to original shape.
3. The soft plush toy has an attractive design, shape and colour.
4. Perfect & Amazing Gift - Very cute plush toy for kids.

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