Kid’s Watch

Kid’s Watch

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1. Hit it off, special dial, patent design, colorful. 2. Easy to wear, funny. 3. Waterproof and lovely.
SKU 15208
Item code 0800014131
Barcode 0800014131
Specification Size;23*2.2cm Net Weight:40g
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1. Extrusion silicone table set on the lower part, watch movements easily from the silicone table taking out; 2. A table core out you can clearly see the table button on the right, the thumb will table button set aside a small piece of gently, adjust the time. If in case of allocated disorder or pull out does not reach the designated position, etc., please press the table button again pull out again; 3. After adjusted the need of time, be sure to will handle will head back to the end, the strap to wear into the table set, and then push the table core table set of in situ.

Do not close to high temperature. Warning: Contains small parts, may causeg choking, not suitable for children under the age of 3!
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