Electric Facial Massage Cleasing Tool

Electric Facial Massage Cleasing Tool

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1. The product can deeply clean the skin with the vibration over 18000 times per minute, which is 6 times better than traditional facial cleansing method. 2. It can reach into skin - depth and total remove dirt from your skin. The vibration massage can promote the blood circulation, speeds up the metabolism, Delaying skin aging, improve pore coarse,Smooth wrinkles, improve skin complexion to Give yourself a healthy glow
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1. Use warm water to wash your face and the brush,and apply some facial cleanser on teh brush,then turn on the machine; 2. Clean your face with the machine in circle; 3. After using the machine, clean your face with water and apply some skin-care product on your face.

Battery Replacement: 1. Battery Model:AA(No.5), 2 pcs, Do not install the positive and negative pole contrary; 2. Force to pull out the cover before installing,then connect the plug to the machine.
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